All the secrets of the world are contained in books. Read at your own risk. Lemony Snicket

Who doesn’t love a good book? I love, adore and am complete besotted with the written word and own a volume of books to the point I could be called a hoarder. I prefer to call it a fine and mighty collection. But I have been distracted from productive task all too often by the dirty fictional work. Over 600 fictional novels flitted through my grey cells last year. As opposed to 8 works of Non-Fiction. 8… Oops.

Something needed to break my fiction addiction and ergo I bring you ..   

The Challenge: A Book A Week. 

It’s simple – to stop me getting carried away with the non fiction, to keep me on track with my blog, my work and business in general I need to focus on a challenge that will keep me on my toes. Something I can be held accountable for the world to see if I start to slip. A challenge I can get my teeth into *why am I picturing me biting a book*.

Rules; read and review one non-fiction book a week. Post blog on Monday mornings. The book has to be in broad areas that would apply or help small businesses, entrepreneurs and self employed folks like myself.

I’ve selected the first 12 and I’m happy to get recommendations – in fact I would love them. I am going to try and push my boundaries somewhat and read some books out of my comfort zone – for the record thats anything *Woo* and I describe woo as anything involving mantras, abundance, gratitude, meditation, journaling, manifesting, heart centred, spiritual, soul junkies.. the list is extensive in my head.

I’m not against these things – they just aren’t for me. I think. Nope.. We shall see anyway. Later in the year I will be looking at such works with Danielle La Porte, Rebecca Campbell and Gabrielle Bernsteins works. I am curious as to how I will fare with them.  

I’ll be covering books on everything from systems and procedures to marketing, psychology to mind set and money matters to the woo mentioned. 

Actually I’m looking forward to the Woo the more I talk about it. Pfft. Melting my stony resolve already dang them.

I read pretty fast – I actually absorb books through my finger tips as opposed to the traditional human style of actual reading. It’s a secret super power which is why I get through several hundred books a year. That and I don’t have a tv (don’t worry – I have Netflix on the Mac!) so books are a source of great pleasure to me. Unless it’s that Twilight twaddle. Sparkly bloody vampires my arse.

Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing.

The books I have planned to read first are in the Amazon links below – yup dirty affiliate marketing but a Woman’s got to eat – especially in this arctic weather.

Please get in touch and recommend some to me as 52 is a lotta good books to find.

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Until next time my beauties….


*I don’t really absorb books. I read them. Fast. *

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