Let's Work Together

You can work with me on a variety of services from Coaching and Training to Virtual Assistant services and Online Business Manager – there’s a package for everyone. 


It means many things to many people. With me – it’s a partnership. You work with me and use my experience to niche down and problem solve – which benefits you and your business long term.  I’ll be in your corner helping you be the very best you can be.  

Virtual Assistant

I put efficient systems in place, find the right tools for the job and organize the back end of a small business to be streamlined and simple. Rather than sweating it out over repetitive admin stuff, you can be creating things and doing the real, meaningful work that you enjoy. 


WOWPRENEURS – a community for small business owners who are frustrated, overwhelmed or overworked and want a higher level of hands on support taking them from ideas – to action – to results. Training, Support, Solutions all in one neat monthly package. 

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